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Hey you guys! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It truly means the world to me and helps allow me to be a SAHM with my darling one year old, Ivy Autumn. I love sharing my art & lifestyle with you all!

That being said, I want to cover full disclosure with you all because my blog is all about being upfront and honest with you guys!  Clicking on highlighted links may be affiliate links.  I will typically put an asterisk mark (*) next to affiliate links, unless there are a lot, in which case I will note it at the top or bottom of the post.  Buying something from this link will give me a small sales commission AT NO EXTRA CHARGE TO YOU.  There are also ads on that I may earn a profit from.  I will also ALWAYS disclose if a company sponsored a post.  I hate when bloggers are not transparent with their readers… you guys have the right to know!  Plus the FTC says so!

*Once again, purchasing an item from an affiliate is no extra charge to you, but lets me make money from my blog! WIN WIN!

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Xo, Karla