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Summer Time

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Hey Everyone!  June is just flying by… CRAZY!  This summer we’ve been really taking advantage of all the fun, free family events going on.  Being a mom to a toddler is so fun!  Ivy’s loving all the fun adventures we go on, whether it’s music in the park or going to the beach.  I swear, I got so lucky that she chose me to be her mommy!  Such a sweet and funny little girl.  And I love our funny “inside jokes” that only a mom and her child could understand… gahhh… besties for life!

Hope everyone’s been having an amazing summer!

Check out my post on my fav summer sunnies here!

Xo, Karla

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's day gift guide


The count down to Father’s Day begins!  If you’re like me you probably haven’t gotten any gits yet! (GUILTY)… But lucky for me I have Amazon Prime and get 2 day shipping… easy peasy, done!  Along with Prime we get thousands of free videos and tv shows.  It’s awesome.  That’s basically the greatest Father’s Day gift right there!

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You could also get other awesome instant gifts such as music! They let you try for 30 days free:

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Or if your dude or your dad enjoys reading, you could gift a kindle membership:

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Whether you’re gifting style is funny, practical, or sentimental, there’s differently something for every special guy in you life! Get the kids crafting some fun DIY’s! (Follow me on Pinterest for awesome DIY ideas!)  Print out some special memories and get them framed. Pick up a cold pack of beer! It’s time to appreciate our hardworking men today and always!

If you have any awesome gift ideas let me know in the comments below!

Xo, Karla

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Farm Wedding + Our Garden

Farm wedding

It’s officially wedding season!  We actually only have two weddings this summer (& already had one surprise wedding earlier this year in January for my sister!).  Last year we had SIX WEDDINGS to attend!  Craziness!  I love wedding so much.  They always make me nostalgic of my own wedding.  And I ALWAYS tear up when I see the bride coming down the aisle.  I’m such a softy!

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Here are a few pics from the farm wedding we attended this past weekend + some pics from our backyard garden.  Lettuce and radishes are going to be harvested any day now!  Also, I just read in my town paper that they are considering allowing backyard chickens!  Ahhhh…. dream come true!  I hope it passes!

Xo, Karla

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Mother’s Day + Baby Girl Swim Suits! 

Mother's Day + baby girl swim suits

Had the most amazing Mother’s Day ever! Beach day with my new stand-up paddle board… I’ve wanted one for so many years! Yay! Quality family time= my love language! Sunshine… happiness! It was so perfect!

How adorable is Ivy’s new two-piece swimming suit?! It is so darling! I’ve already had so many compliments on it… and it’s only $3!  You can shop it here!  There are so many cute kids suits that are sooooo affordable on Amazon.  I’m linking more of my favorites below!  My new swimming suit and Ivy’s hats are from Target!  You can get Ivy’s Baltic amber teething necklace here and it comes with a silicone pendant necklace that mama’s can wear that your baby is able to chew on!  Anything that helps these little darlings through teething!  Check out my article about all my favorite natural baby products.

Hope all my mama friends out there had an amazing Mother’s Day weekend!

Xo, Karla


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Organic Oat and Fruit Bowl

Organic oats and fruit bowl

After my last recipe post I decided I needed to share a recipe that is more typical of my diet and lifestyle.  The Glazed Raspberry Sugar Cookie Bars are so delicious and great for special occasions, however, in my daily life I try to not eat much sugar.  This organic oat and fruit bowl recipe is packed full of protein and vitamins and is super yummy!  This is also a vegan-friendly recipe!

Organic Oat and Fruit Bowl:

  • Boil 4 cups of water in a medium sauce pan.  Once water is boiling, dump in one cup of organic steel cut oats.  After about 5 minutes the oatmeal will start to thicken.  Once this happens you’ll want to turn down the heat and let the oats simmer for about another 30 minutes (or until your preferred consistency).  I know this sounds like a long time, but steel cut oats are so healthy for you, packed full of protein and vitamins.  Instant oatmeal is not equivalent, doesn’t really compare.  Plus the texture of steel cut oats, and the flavor, is out of this world!  That sounds dramatic but I’m a big fan of eating amazing organic foods.  Once you taste the difference, and notice the difference in your health, there’s no going back!
  • While the oats are simmering, prepare your fruits and nuts of choice.  For this bowl I added what I already had at home: ripe bananas, strawberries, peaches, cashews (love the added crunch), dried cranberries, and frozen blueberries (mixed in with the oatmeal).
  • While you’re waiting for the oats to finish there are plenty of things you can do.  Go play with your kids, drink some apple cider vinegar water, make coffee, do the dishes, stretch, etc.  The 30 minutes will fly by!
  • Once the oats are fully cooked I stirred in frozen blueberries.  This turns the oats a pretty purple, which makes it more enticing for kids too!  Who am I kidding, it’s more enticing to me too!  Who doesn’t like pretty, bright colored food?!
  • Decorate your bowl with the fruits and nuts you selected.  I like making it look pretty before eating!  It helps me stay mindful about my health and food choices.  I also like to remind myself during this time how grateful I am to be able to eat healthy, organic foods.  Being grateful is key!

Enjoy! Mmm!  I hope you liked this recipe for my protein and vitamin packed Organic Oat and Fruit Bowl!  If you did, let me know in the comments below!  As always, thank you so much for reading!  I love being able to share with you in this creative outlet.

Xo, Karla


For this recipe I used:

Country Choice Organic Oven Toasted Old Fashioned Oats Canisters – 18 oz

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Glazed Raspberry Sugar Cookie Bars

Glazed raspberry sugar cookie bars

These Glazed Raspberry Sugar Cookie Bars have been my go-to dessert recipe lately because they’re super easy to make!  Plus, I think they’re pretty 🙂  I try not to eat a lot of sugar, so after I’ve had a couple I like to deliver the rest to a loved one!  “I love you, here eat these so I don’t!”… haha.  I’m not a big recipe follower.  I’ll look up a recipe but then adapt it to what I have on hand or to ingredients I eat.  I’m all about experimenting!  Don’t have sugar?  Use maple syrup or honey.  Don’t have vanilla?  Leave it out!  Oh well.  Let’s get to it!

Glazed Raspberry Sugar Cookie Bars:

Prep: about 5-10 minutes / Cook time: 10-15 min (or until golden)


  • Cookies:
  1. 1 cup softened butter
  2. 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  3. 2 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  4. 1 large egg
  5. 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  6. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  7. 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Glaze:
  1. 1 cup powdered sugar
  2. 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  3. 1 tablespoon milk
  4. Freeze-dried raspberries (or any other topping!)


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees, grease baking pan with coconut oil spray, or rub coconut oil (or butter) in the bottom of your baking pan.  I used a small pan about 8×10 inches.
  2. Mix softened butter with sugar and 1 egg.  Whisk until light and fluffy.  Stir in vanilla.
  3. Mix flour, baking powder, and salt in a separate bowl, then combine with wet ingredients.  Thoroughly mix with hands until ingredients are all combined.
  4. Put mixture into greased pan, patting it down so it is spread evenly across surface.  Put in oven and bake for about 10-15 minutes, or until lightly golden.
  5. While cookies are baking, prep the glaze mix.  Mix powdered sugar with the vanilla and milk (can also use orange juice, or water, but might need less liquid then).  You want the mixture to be more on the paste-like side, but still runny enough to drizzle.
  6. After the cookie bars are baked, take them out of the oven and cool for about 5-10 minutes (I skipped cooling them because I’m too antsy, but if you wait the glaze wont run off as much).  Drizzle half the glaze across the surface of the bars.  Crush the freeze-dried raspberries and spread over the bars, then use the rest of the glaze.
  7. Let the glaze solidify, and the bars cool down completely, then cut into squares.  Eat them and get a sugar high… mmm! haha!  Enjoy!

Look how happy Ivy is!  Too bad I didn’t let her eat any… waa waa…

Let me know if you make these and how they turned out!  Also, let me know if you like this new style blog post and I’ll make sure to write down more of my recipes to share with you guys!

Xo, Karla

Kitchen Goods:

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Happy Earth Day! + My Fav Eco Products!

In honor of Mother Earth, I am sharing my favorite eco-friendly products today!  With a few small changes, we can all be more green!  Happy Earth Day!

I love these glass straws and I use them almost daily!  They clean really easy as long as you rinse them right away, but even if you don’t, just soak them a little and use the cleaning brush that it comes with!  Super simple cleaning!  I love that they’re eco-friendly, and it makes my fruit enhanced waters and smoothies feel fancy!  Plus, they’re only $14 for a whole pack of them!

I love our stainless steel water bottles!  I even got one in a sippy cup for Ivy!  I’ve seen these at Target and my natural foods store that I shop at, but no where has them cheaper than on Amazon!  You could also get a fancy glass water bottle that come in lots of different colors.  Using reusable bottles saves our world from using so much plastic!  Go green!

I love my coffee!  Organic, fresh ground, and brewed every morning!  Garrett and I wake up at different times, so it’s really nice having a Keurig that brews single servings.  We use the refillable k-cups which gives us amazing, fresh coffee (as opposed to the pre-made single serving cups where the the coffee has been in there for who knows how long… eww!).  It also happens to be environmentally friendly, just think about all those little plastic cups that are going into the landfills EVERY DAY!  Switch to reusable cups!  It really doesn’t take that much more time and effort.  If you garden, throw the leftover coffee grounds into your outdoor plants!  It helps them grow!


Here are some more awesome green products that I want to buy and try out ASAP!  Less plastic waste!

Bee’s Wrap Sustainable Reusable Food Storage Assorted 3 Pack
Cloth Sandwich Bags – Set of 3
Eco Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

It’s all about doing what you can.  No one is perfect, but by taking  a few small steps you can help our planet and also save money in the long run!  If you don’t recycle, start recycling.  If you’re buying bottled waters, switch to an eco-friendly reusable one!  Enjoy your natural lawn (or make simple homemade solutions) instead of spraying harmful chemicals that destroy our planet and mess with our hormones.  It’s as simple as that, and the more you switch the more hooked you’ll be on reducing your carbon footprint and being green!  Happy Earth Day!  Thanks for reading!

Xo, Karla


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