Frey Home Construction

img_1371 img_1372 img_2370 img_2705 img_4482 img_4487 img_4647 img_4659img_5067img_5068
This past year has been crazy at the Frey household with endless construction! We’ve torn down walls, re-insulated walls, and changed the whole layout of our main floor. AND WE’RE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ALL DONE! It was an amazing experience for Garrett and I to come together creatively and design our DREAM HOME together. This is where we will start our family. This is where all the memories began. I love this home and have put blood, sweat, and tears into it (literally)! I will post more pictures soon since we now have furniture in.



2 thoughts on “Frey Home Construction

  1. It looks great! Nice work you two. We’re building a home as well and we’re in the same boat – you do so much work and you still have so much work left to do! Looking forward to seeing your final product.


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