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Watercolor Resistance Paintings

This project is so much fun to do with kids & people with intellectual disabilities! I like to make it fun for my students by telling them it’s like a magic trick, or a spy with a hidden message that needs to be revealed. This project is fun for everyone, I really enjoy it as well!


Materials needed:
-white crayons or oil pastels
-watercolor paper (or any paper you have. Printer paper is cheap & works just fine. The paper might slightly wrinkle, however.)
-watercolor brush
-cup of water
-paper towels
-painters tape or masking tape (*optional) to add a nice white border

-add masking tape to make a border. This also helps keep the picture in place
-color image onto white paper
-next add watercolors. It is exciting to see the hidden image that comes out!
-dry then peel tape!

-be very careful & slow when taking the tape off! Let paint dry all the way first.
-stick tape to any surface first a few times before putting it on the paper (I use my pants). It will still stick on paper but will be way easier to peel off!

Ta Da!

Hope you enjoy!



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