Easy Pumpkin Cake Recipe (gluten free)

Easy pumpkin cake recipe gluten free
Hey y’all, it’s fall! ūüôā I’ve been a little MIA on the blog recently because I’ve just been thoroughly enjoying every last drop of summer! ¬†I’ve always been such a summer person, but I’m so excited for fall. ¬†Fall fashion, pumpkin everything (yes, I know, I can’t help it!), leaf piles, hayrides, Halloween and Thanksgiving… omg, EVERYTHING! ¬†I’m excited about it all! ¬†So, naturally, I’ve already been putting out fall decor around my house (even though it’s sooooo hot here in Minnesota still) and I can’t wait to pull out my cozy cardigans!

This Pumpkin Cake Recipe is so easy and my version is gluten free! ¬†As always, use whatever you have at home. ¬†I’m all about substitutions! ¬†Don’t have butter? — sub in some coconut oil. ¬†Don’t have sugar? — use maple syrup! ¬†So my version of Pumpkin Cake goes like this and turned out SOOOO AMAZING:

2 cups brown rice flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

2 tsp cinnamon

1 cup pure maple syrup

3 large eggs

4 oz salted butter, melted

1 can pumpkin puree

Mix dry with dry, wet with wet, then all together. ¬†Bake at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes in a 9×9 pan. ¬†Let the Pumpkin Cake cool down on a cooling rack for about an hour. ¬†You can mix up some whipping cream for on top, scoop a side of vanilla ice cream, or make an easy sugar glaze to drizzle on top by using powdered sugar mixed with a little water.

This gluten free Pumpkin Cake recipe was super easy and only took about 15 minutes of prep time, along with 35 minutes to bake. ¬†I’ve been enjoying the leftovers for breakfast (oops!). ¬†Let me know if you try it out and if you used any substitutions! ¬†Enjoy!

Happy Fall!

Xo, Karla

P.s. It’s not very “blogger” of me, but the pumpkin cake in these pics are 2 day old leftovers… it was much prettier the first day but I didn’t get to taking pics then because #momlife! ūüėú


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Alva Baby Reusable Diapers

Hey there! ¬†Hope everyone is having an AMAZING summer! ¬†We are thoroughly enjoying the long days by going to the beach and park as much as possible. ¬†Look at our wild garden! ¬†Isn’t it great?! ¬†We’ve had so many energizing, organic vegetables this year.

And how cute is Ivy’s new reusable diaper from Alva Baby?! ¬†Obsessed! ¬†I’ve had Alva Baby diapers since Ivy was a little baby and love their cute designs. ¬†When Alva asked to collaborate on a post, it was a no-brainer for me! ¬†Recommend a product I already use and love? ¬†Yes please! ¬†When I became a mama I became even MORE health and environmentally conscious than I already was. ¬†Plus, think about all the money you save by not using disposable diapers! ¬†I love having reusable diapers around. ¬†Even if you use regular disposable diapers, its nice to have a few of these on hand so you don’t need to stress out about running to the store to get more diapers when you’re almost out. ¬†It’s also great how their designs grow as your baby grows. ¬†They have snaps all over so you can make them tiny for a newborn or bigger for a toddler! ¬†We also use them for swimming covers!

Alva also sent me a wet bag to throw all the diapers into when I’m out and about and I can’t wait to give it a try! ¬†If you’re interested in trying out Alva Baby diapers check out their website at:

Thanks for reading!  Check out my other photo shoot with Alva Baby diapers HERE!

Xo, Karla

This post is sponsored by Alva Baby, but the opinions stated above are (as always) my own.

Ivy’s Baltic Amber Teething Necklace linked HERE.

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My Favorite Matching Shirts are ON SALE!

My favorite matching shirts are on sale right now!  We have the blue and white striped ones, but they also come in black and white:

Love them!

Check out more matching outfits here & more pics with this shirt here!

Xo, Karla

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Summer Time

image1 (4)image2 (4)image3 (4)image4 (2)image5 (2)image6 (2)IMG_3156

Hey Everyone! ¬†June is just flying by… CRAZY! ¬†This summer we’ve been really taking advantage of all the fun, free family events going on. ¬†Being a mom to a toddler is so fun! ¬†Ivy’s loving all the fun adventures we go on, whether it’s music in the park or going to the beach. ¬†I swear, I got so lucky that she chose me to be her mommy! ¬†Such a sweet and funny little girl. ¬†And I love our funny “inside jokes” that only a mom and her child could understand… gahhh… besties for life!

Hope everyone’s been having an amazing summer!

Check out my post on my fav summer sunnies here!

Xo, Karla

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's day gift guide


The count down to Father’s Day begins! ¬†If you’re like me you probably haven’t gotten any gits yet! (GUILTY)… But lucky for me I have Amazon Prime and get 2 day shipping… easy peasy, done! ¬†Along with Prime we get thousands of free videos and tv shows. ¬†It’s awesome. ¬†That’s basically the greatest Father’s Day gift right there!

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

You could also get other awesome instant gifts such as music! They let you try for 30 days free:

Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Or if your dude or your dad enjoys reading, you could gift a kindle membership:

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Whether you’re gifting style is funny, practical, or sentimental, there’s differently something for every special guy in you life! Get the kids crafting some fun DIY’s! (Follow me on Pinterest for awesome DIY ideas!) ¬†Print out some special memories and get them framed. Pick up a cold pack of beer! It’s time to appreciate our hardworking men today and always!

If you have any awesome gift ideas let me know in the comments below!

Xo, Karla

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Peonies & Clovers Baby Bath

Dreamy baby bath time part 2! Outdoors style! Not really much to write… the pics say it all!

So. Much. Fun!

Dreamy bath #1

Xo, Karla

Ivy’s adorable reusable diapers linked HERE!

Floral Headband HERE!

*Not sponsored, just love Alva Baby reusable diapers!  So cute!  Links are affiliate links.


First Birthday Time Capsule

Hey Everyone! ¬†I’ve decided to write a new post on the time capsule we did for Ivy’s first birthday party. ¬†I love this idea so much and it has been my top reposted pin on Pinterest, so I figured it needed it’s own blog post! ¬†The idea is really simple, and you can add any variation that you’d like! ¬†I’m just so excited that she will have this someday (17 years from now)!

For Ivy’s first birthday time capsule we cut out different colored sheets of paper, collected random stickers, and had crayons, pens, and colored pencils available. ¬†Some of Ivy’s cousins drew pictures, aunts and grandmas wrote heart-felt pages… at least that’s what they told me! Haha… part of the fun of this time capsule is that we decided not to read or look at any of them! ¬†After everyone was done they put it in the large envelope and we never peeked inside. ¬†The envelope is now sealed and in our safe until Ivy turns 18 (the year 2034!).

It’s not too late to make one for your child! ¬†It was special being able to do this on Ivy’s first birthday, but if you have older children I would still encourage you to do this! ¬†It will be so special for them to open one day! ¬†Older children can also write a letter to themselves, or draw a picture to add!

You could do this at a baby shower too:

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry
Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Easy fill in the blank cards or a keepsake book! Click on image to buy!*

Create a jar (or purchase one below) to insert wishes from everyone at the birthday party:

Large Dream Jar

Small Individual Jars

There are so many fun and unique ideas that you can create for a first birthday time capsule! ¬†After you’re done make sure you store it somewhere safe so that it won’t get ruined, and also somewhere no little fingers will be tempted to open it!

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Here are more tools you may need for the time capsule.  Click on any image to shop:


Other Birthday Party supplies:

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Don’t forget adorable Thank You cards for after the party!

Thanks for checking out this post! ¬†Click here to see more pictures from Ivy’s first birthday party. ¬†If you want to read more baby posts, check out my top baby products¬†post & my favorite¬†bath time products here! ¬†Thanks for reading!

Xo, Karla

First birthday time capsule
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